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Image of South African student 'Zebra'

The Abolição Trust

The Abolição Trust uses the Brazilian art-form Capoeira to support young people in some of the poorest parts of the world. Through free classes, events and international exchanges, they can develop confidence, learn new skills in a safe environment and build hope for the future.

The Trust was founded in 2005 by Oxford-based Capoeira teacher Luis do Patrocínio (Contra-Mestre Negão) and his students. A disused school in his home town of Abaeté, Salvador has been transformed into a community venue offering free Capoeira classes and other activities.

The Trust

The Trust also supports a locally run Capoeira project in Hamburg, South Africa. Annual exchanges allow children from both projects to visit a new country and connect through their love for Capoeira.

Children in the projects face the threats of poverty, crime and HIV/AIDS. The Capoeira classes allow them to learn and develop in a supportive environment, build confidence and cooperative skills and link with further guidance from their communities.

A group of trustees and volunteers raise funds in the UK to sustain and develop both of these important projects. Through fundraising events, regular donations and volunteering, we can help vulnerable young people build hope for a better future.